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  • Switching to ENSTROGA
    • > How can I become a customer?

      You can join ENSTROGA quickly and easily online. Just get a quote on our website, choose your tariff and give us the details we need to set up your account.

    • > How does the switch work?

      Once you have completed the online ordering process, we will arrange everything else. The switch is free of charge and usually takes no more than five weeks. In the meantime you will continue to receive electricity and gas as normal.

    • > Why should I switch?

      We offer customized and competitive rates that help you save on energy bills. The switch is quick and easy, without all the annoying paperwork. Everything is handled online, including your contract documents and questions about your electricity and gas usage. Of course, you can also contact us by email here. or call us Monday- Friday between 8am-6pm at 01158572572.

    • > Who can switch?

      Anyone can switch to ENSTROGA. This does not only apply to the owner of the property, but also to all tenants who have their own meter. If the contract is signed in the property owner’s name, you’ll need to contact them to ask for the latest invoice.

    • > Will I be without energy during the switching process?

      No, you will continue to have electricity and gas as normal during the switching process.

    • > What happens after switching?

      As soon as we have received a confirmation of your date of delivery, we will contact you via e-mail with all payment details.

    • > Do I need to tell my current suplier I'm switching?

      Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the whole switching process, including getting in touch with your current supplier. But you might want to check your ongoing payments with your old supplier. Most customers decide to cancel their standing payments order once we get in touch with them to ask for their meter reading, just before we start to supply their energy service.

    • > What happens if my request to switch is rejected?

      If the switch is rejected, we will get in touch with you to verify your data and explain how to begin the process again. There is a possibility that this will cause a delay to your date of delivery and the supply could start a little later. We will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible.

    • > How can I check my current tariff?

      Check any of your recent invoices and you’ll find your current tariff indicated at the top.

  • ENSTROGA customers
    • > How can I contact your customer service teams?

      Just drop us an email to, go to our contact page, or call us Monday-Friday between 8am-6pm at 01158572572.

    • > How do I make a complaint?

      If you would like to raise any issues with us regarding our service, please get in touch with our customer ambassadors at  or call Monday-Friday between 8am-6pm at 01158572572. You can also find more information and fill in an online form available on our Complaints page.

    • > What is the Priority Service Register?

      The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service provided by suppliers and network operators for customers who need extra help managing their energy account. You can get more information and find out how to register here.

    • > What happens if I have trouble paying my bill?

      Please get in touch with us and we’ll try and help you to find a solution. You can find out more about some of the ways we can help here.

    • > How can I switch to another tariff?

      Just contact us and, depending on the conditions, you can switch to a different tariff.

    • > What happens if I move to a new home?
        • > I am leaving a property supplied by you, what do I need to do to close my account?

          Moving home can be stressful enough without having to worry about your energy supply. Please complete the attached form and email to then we will take it from there. Please be aware, you can only submit this information on the day you move out, or it will not be able to be processed and you will need to submit it again. Once it has been processed, you will receive your final bill within 6 weeks.

        • > I am moving into a property supplied by you, what do I need to do?

          Please complete the attached form and send this to in order to set up your account. Please be advised that, even if you plan to switch to another supplier, you will need to submit this form in order to pay for the energy used between moving in and when the switch occurs. Once we have received this form, you will thereafter receive more information regarding your account.

        • > What is a void period and am I responsible to the energy supply during this time?

          Please be advised that a void period refers a time where the property supplied is vacant. Even if the mains are shut off during this time, charges are stilled applicable due to the supply of energy to the property and occur regardless of whether it is consumed or not. In this circumstance, the legal owner of the property is liable for the energy bill. Therefore, if you are renting the property, it is important you inform us of the full landlord or letting agency details so that the supply can be managed after you leave.

        • > Can I provide details regarding my landlord without their consent?

          We have a lawful basis to which we can request landlord details in order to cover void periods. Under a deemed contract, it is within the legitimate interests of the landlord to share their data so we can fulfil contractual duties and bill them for energy used during these periods.

        • > What is a deemed contract?

          A deemed contract is set up between an energy supplier and a customer without a written agreement. It occurs on the basis of having supplied energy to a property, for which the existing occupant is legally liable. Therefore, if you become a resident in a property supplied by us, under a deemed contract you would be liable to cover the energy bill and as such submit your data to us that we can process and issue you a bill. This contract will last up until we are notified that a new supplier will take on the supply, or until you contact us requesting to be put on to another tariff.

        • > What if I do not inform you I am leaving?

          Please be advised, if you leave without informing us you will still continue to receive communications regarding the energy supply at the property. This includes all bills which you will remain liable for until we are informed of the new occupant. Please note you could incur additional charges should we need to escalate your account in order to trace your new forwarding address.

        • > What tariff am I on, do you have a better offer?

          Those entering a property will be on our variable tariff, Price Cap. Often, this can be the more expensive rates, therefore please contact us on 01158 572572 (9am - 6pm) Mon - Fri or email us at as we possibly have a more competitive tariff to suit you.

    • > What happens if you need to come round to check my meter?

      Every now and then one of our representatives may need to come by your residence to check or service your meters. You can get more information about the conditions for our trained staff to access your home here.

    • > What should I do if my electricity stops working or if I have a sudden blackout?

      Please call 105. 105 is a direct extension to the Electricity Distributors network. The line will automatically be redirected to the distributor in your area and they will be able to assist you if there’s no electricity in your property or if there’s a power outage.

    • > What should I do if I have a problem with my gas supply?

      If you can smell gas or think you may have a gas leak, please call the Gas Emergency Services Hotline immediately at 0800 111 999. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your gas supply is interrupted, please contact your distributor. You can find your local distributor by clicking on the link below.

    • > Damaged or demolished property
      In the event that your property has sustained significant damage, has been demolished or you intend to have it demolished, you may wish to have the power disconnected in order to not be charged. This information sheet will provide you with the information you need should you wish to disconnect the property.
        • > If my property has been damaged to the extent that the power has been shut off, shouldn’t my bill be £0?

          Not necessarily. It is important to remember that there are two aspects to your energy bill: the standing charge and the consumption charge.

          The standing charge covers the cost of the supply of energy to the property. This goes towards infrastructural costs to maintain the energy networks.

          The consumption charge covers the cost of the energy you consume in your property and it is calculated by your meter readings.

          Therefore, if the power has been shut off, that does not mean it is not being supplied. Furthermore, there is no way for us to know that your consumption is nil without meter readings, or evidence that the meter was removed as a result of the damage or demolition. Therefore, at any point your power is shut off for whatever reason, we strongly advise you still continue to provide regular meter readings with pictures so that this can be reflected on your energy bill. Or, if you have already had the meter removed, please send us evidence of this as soon as possible, including the removal date and reading from this date.

        • > If my property has been significantly damaged or demolished, wouldn’t this mean it is automatically disconnected?

          No. The energy is supplied via cables and pipes below the foundation of the property. As such, the damage or demolition would not physically disconnect the property – this can only be done via local network operator engineers.

        • > How do I disconnect my property to ensure I won’t be charged?

          First of all, you will need to contact us and inform us that you would like to remove your meter(s). We will then agree a date with you and one of our engineers will visit your property and remove the meter – this process is called de-energisation. We will take the final meter reading from the date of de-energisation and use this to calculate your final cost for consumption. Please be aware, you will be without power after de-energisation.

          In order to disconnect the property, you will need to contact your local Distributor and Gas Transporter and arrange yourself to disconnect the property from the grid. They will then communicate this with us directly via market communications.

          After this, you will shortly receive your final bill. Please note, you can arrange de-energisation and disconnection for the same day.

        • > My meter has already been removed, what do I need to do?

          If you have privately contracted someone to remove your meter because of the damage to the property or ahead of the demolition, you will need to send us evidence of this. It is important that the evidence clearly details the date of de-energisation with the final meter reading at the time.

          You will then need to reach out to your local Distributor and Gas Transporter in order to arrange the disconnection yourself.

        • > My property has more than one meter for the same fuel. What should I do if I want to remove one or if my Distributor or Gas Transporter has advised me that I need a logical disconnection?

          In this circumstance, all you need to do is contact us and our representatives will arrange this for you.

    • > How can I save on my energy bill?

      By making small changes to your habits or changing devices in your home, you can make some big savings. See our energy saving tips here.

    • > How is my energy bill calculated?

      The first step to choosing the right tariff is to understand your energy bill. You can find a full breakdown of all the details of your bill here.

    • > How can I register for My ENSTROGA?

      My ENSTROGA is our customer portal, where you can access your latest energy consumption, check your bills and upload your meter readings. To register, all you need to do is access the portal and create an account. Please have your Account ID ready. You can find your Account ID on your contract or at the top of any correspondence you have had with ENSTROGA.

    • > What happens if I need to make changes or close an account due to a bereavement?

      There are always arrangements to make following the passing of family member or friend. We will try and help you to organize everything as smoothly as possible during this difficult time. Please fill in this form to provide all the information necessary for us to help you to deal with the account.

  • About ENSTROGA
    • > What do you promise?

      At ENSTROGA we promise certain guaranteed standards of performance to our customers and the promise to always go above and beyond them. You can get more information about these standards here.

    • > How do you source your energy?

      We currently offer the following fuel mix for all our tariffs:


    • > How do you investigate the theft of energy?

      ENSTROGA takes energy theft very seriously. We will investigate all evidence of theft according to industry regulations, while also keeping in mind the needs of our most vulnerable customers. Please read our Theft Charter here.

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